myBeautyCache: makeup and beauty product organizer


Can I sync my data between devices?

YES! Starting with myBeautyCache version 6.0, you now have the option to sync your data between devices (available with in-app purchase). For more details, visit the Sync Data page

Can I backup my data?

For information on all the ways you can backup your data, go to the Backup Data page

I just bought a new device (iPad, iPhone, iPod), can I transfer my data from my current device to the new one?

Here are detailed instructions from Apple: **It is important that you back up your current device first. You can also read my Backup Data page for information on how to backup your data.

I spelled a Brand wrong, how can I edit it?

To add, edit, or delete items in the lists (Brands, Color Family, Categories, Location, or Store), go to the "Lists" section of the app (from the Home screen of the app, select Lists). For complete details, go to the User's Guide and scroll down to the Lists section.

How do I submit a feature suggestion?

If you own the app and have any feedback, you can contact me through the app by going to the "Options & Support" section and selecting "Email Developer". I try to implement the most-requested suggestions, so I welcome your input.

Is there an Android version?

No, myBeautyCache is only available for iOS Devices. In order to create an Android version, I would have to learn a new programming language. Before I spend time doing that, I want to make sure there is enough demand to justify the amount of time I would need to spend on it. If you are interested in an Android version, please send me an email ( to let me know.